0 to 5 metres in seconds safely. Low level access products have been developed to meet the needs of people to safely work at height.

Since the introduction of new legislation, in particular the ‘Working at Height Regulations 2005’, many new low level access platform products have been introduced to the market.

MEP / Hire Station have been at the forefront in low level
access platform hire since its inception in 2004. The term low level access generally means a working height of up to 5 metres internally on a flat slab surface.

MEP Hire have developed a Bespoke range of products (Peco Plus) to benefit the contractor using Low Level Access Equipment on site. We call these products, Low Level Access Innovations.  For more detailed information Visit the Link Below.

Peco Plus including Innovations

Traditionally this work was conducted from steps, ladders, podiums and access towers, however due to a substantial number of accidents, including fatalities, Low Level Access platform products have been developed, not only offering a safer but a more productive method of working at height. If you have doubts about which Low Level Access Unit you should use, Click on download below.

Working at Height Product Selector

It is the responsibility of an employer to ensure that all operators using this equipment hired to them are adequately trained and familiarised to comply with current health and safety legislation. if in doubt consult our training page:

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If you cannot find a suitable product, contact us for an On-Site Consultation (LLA)

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MEP Hire Peco Plus
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The Power Tower


  • Flexibility to work at the correct height through minute height adjustability.
  • Hand rail protection in place protecting the operator from dangerous falls.
  • Light weight and easily manoeuvrable, ideal for use on raised flooring (Kingspan type).
  • Fits through standard doorway.
  • Massive productivity increases over other traditional methods.
  • Easy to use by competent operator.

MEP have one of the largest and youngest hire fleets in the UK, we have a range of machines cover working heights up to 5.1 metres including wind rated (suitable for outdoor use) and ATEX units. We offer a range of bespoke accessories such as confined space guardrails, pipe racks and enlarged tool trays. We can also supply a complete range of tethering equipment.

MEP have a fleet of external service vans that are fully equipped to carry out on site servicing further reducing down time and increasing productivity.

MEP is able to offer in house IPAF training at competitive rates we also do regular ‘tool box talks’.



The UK Health and Safety team of a major international construction services company, recently carried out an in-depth study into the different types of equipment and methods used for low-level access at sites in the London area.

Product types assessed included towers, podiums and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP). The studies were undertaken at prestigious office fit outs.

Results of the study clearly indicated a preference for PecoLift, a non-powered access lift which has a working height of 3.5m and a footprint of only 975mm x 700mm, which means it can pass through a standard doorway. PecoLift has a safe working load of 150kg – it doesn’t use batteries and opratives simply step onto the unit and turn the handle to raise and lower the platform.

Traditionally, this work has been carried out using mobile towers, scaffolding or podium steps. We instantly recognised the safety benefits of PecoLift. The self-closing gates, the automatic braking of the wheels and the general ease of use makes a real, tangible difference to site safety standards.

MEP Hire, who supplied the PecoLifts for the trials were delighted with the findings.

“We were always confident that the unique PecoLift would come out on top,” says Graham Haigh, Business Development Director for MEP’s low-level access division. “It’s very easy to move around, simple to operate and, once it’s tried out, workers love using it.”

The results were overwhelmingly positive, with great feedback from users on the flexibility, ease of access, and reduced physical impact on the body from working at height with the PecoLift. There was also an observable increase in productivity from operatives using the sysytem.