ACO202 / ACO203XL Battery Press Tool 15 – 35mm M Jaws

The ACO202XL is lighter and easier to handle and is thus a handy alternative to the well-known Pressing tool ECO301. This unit comes complete with 15-35mm M Jaws.
The new adaptor jaws ZB221 and ZB222 have especially been developed for applications in the field of big dimensions 64-108 mm.
Furthermore the ACO202XL is equipped with a longer stroke of 80 mm.
Another Advantage of the pressing tool is the usability of all compatible jaws on the market.

Please Note: the ACO202XL cannot be used for pressing 67mm Geberit Carbon Steel. Use THE ECO3 PRESS TOOL FOR THIS SIZE.

Hand Arm Vibration Guide: no more than 8 hours continuous use.

Noise Level:78db(A)


Hire Code: 255030
ACO202 / ACO203XL Battery Press Tool 15 – 35MM M JAWS