Conex Jaw Set Pressgun 15 to 35mm

New generation ultra compact 32 kN press tool, nearly at the size and weight of a compact tool. Service Interval only after 42.000 press cycles!

Weighing up to 17% less and 30% smaller than our previous unit, the RP 340-B provides all the same functionality and durability of previous models but in a much lighter and more compact design. RP 340-B also features an LED-light and a greatly extended service interval of 42.000 cycles.

Conex Banninger ‘B’ Press Compatibility Chart

Hand Arm Vibration Guide: no more than 8 hours continuous use.

Noise Level: 71.5db(A)


Hire Code: 255014
Conex Jaw Set Pressgun 15 to 35mm

Sales Code: 450/00334
Dri-Slide Lubricant
**Specialist Tubing Cutters available to Purchase**