Conex V Profile Jaw Set 42 & 54mm

The press collars form an adequate unit with the adaptor jaws which have been especially developed for those applications.
With the press collars in dimension 42–54 mm Novopress offers an constructive solution for reliable press results for metal as well as for plastic pipe systems.
Application friendly, easy and safe to handle – Novopress press collars have become successfully established in the market and are used in many countries.
The press collars are equipped with springs, which are integrated in the joints so that the press collars are able to attach themselves on the fitting after having been positioned – regardless of the pipe alignment.
This principle is known at Novopress as “snap-on”. Thanks to the ability to keep their net weight, Novopress press collars up to 88.9 mm do not need a fastening. This is the reason for those press collars to be easier to handle and are also less prone to breaking down.

Conex Banninger ‘B’ Press Compatibility Chart


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Conex V Profile Jaw Set 42 & 54mm
Kit comprises of:
1 x 42mm Press Collar
1 x 54mm Press Collar
1 x Adapter

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