Powered Stair Climber

The Powered stair climber or stairwalker is an ideal solution to ensure the company is compling with health and safety procedures. This steel constructed powered stair stairclimber. It can be installed in almost all working environments where manual handling is a high priority, keeping staff safe at work and preventing staff from repetitive strain injury or musculo skeletal strain.

This versatile powered stairclimber is best described as a general purpose stairclimber, ideal for carrying vending machines, photocopiers, ATM machines and other heavier items up and down staircases or steps.

Also in a larger working environment it could be ideal for transportation of 3D printers, filing cabinets, white goods such as tall freezers etc. This tough steel framed stair climber makes it suitable for almost any type of terrain, perfect for warehouses and building sites



Hire Code: 340067
Powered Stair Climber