115mm Cordless Angle Grinder

Makita DGA452RFE Angle Grinder 18v x 3Ah li-ion batteries and 115mm disc plus rapid charger, these 18v Angle Grinders are fully compatible with genuine 4Ah and 3Ah Makita slide fit lithium batteries.
These tough 18v Makita Angle Grinders now free from the restriction of cables and sockets uses exactly the same grinding wheels or cutting discs used on mains powered angle grinders.
The anti-start function on the motor will not allow the grinder to start if a charged battery is inserted with the start switch in the on position.
A small circumference motor housing makes for easier and safer gripping plus the 3.0Ah li-ion batteries provide high-energy capacity accepting more repeat charges giving these
Makita Power Tools superior long-life service. DGA452RFE grinders have a warning light that illuminates to warn of impending overload and also warns of low battery condition

Hand Arm Vibration Guide: no more than 2 hours continuous use.

Noise Level: 89db(A)


Hire Code: 210026
115mm Cordless Angle Grinder