Supersize Press Tool 110V 76, 88 & 108mm

The HCP / HA5 system is based on our decades of experience in hydraulic pipe connecting tooling. With the HCP hydraulic cylinder dimensions up to 108 mm are professionally and safely crimped. This system is based on the HA5 hydraulic power-pack, and has proved itself in the fields of drinking water supply, marine construction, industry and everywhere. Click to see more press fit tool hire options.
High burst pressures are needed

Hand Arm Vibration Guide: no more than 8 hours continuous use.

Noise Level: No info available


Hire Code: 255020
Supersize Press Tool 110v 76, 88 & 108mm

Ancillary Product
Hire Code: 290010
3KVA Continuous Transformer

Sales Code: 450/00334
Dri-Slide Lubricant
**Specialist Tubing Cutters available to Purchase**