Victaulic 416 Hydraulic Roll Groover 110v

416 Roll groover mounts easily on a RIDGID 300 P/DRIVE.
Hydraulic Hand pump, gives the operator control of the pressure needed to form a groove.
Enhanced tracking rolls, helps keep the pipe on the tool.
Supplied as 2″-16″ capacity.

Hand Arm Vibration Guide: Not Applicable

Noise Level:85db(A)



Hire Code: 250233
Victaulic 416 HYD Electric Roll Groover 110v 2″-16″

Hire Code: 250231
Victaulic 3/4″-1 1/2″ Roll Set

Hire Code: 250189
Ridgid 300 + Stand

Sales Code: VIC00RW76101MCH
Vic Go/No-Go tape (Groove Depth Measure)

Various Pipe Stands Available
(See Pipe Stand Section)