Vulcathene Fusion Machine

This Vulcathene fusion machine is the ideal unit for fast and efficient connection of Vulcathene pipework from 40mm to 152mm in diameter.
Utilising the extreme heat and pressure produced during welding, this unit makes simple, reliable joints between pipes.
The heat required to make the joint comes from flowing a constant electrical current through the embedded heater wires within the sleeve fitting, which is placed around the two pipes.
The pressure required to make the joint is obtained via the shrinking of the fitting under welding conditions.
The shrinking process does not alter the internal bore of the joint because the ends and the centre of the fitting are deliberately kept cool during the welding process.
This ensures a strong, reliable professional joint.
Once the joint is completed, the heater wires remain encased in the HDPE so there is no chance of corrosion.
The connecting sleeve must be fitted evenly between both pipes and the pipes must have clean cut, straight, burr-free edges to provide the most reliable, long-lasting joint.

Hand Arm Vibration Guide: not applicable.

Noise Level: No info available


Hire Code: 256090
Vulcathene Fusion Machine

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