Simply wheel the unit into position & lock the four (4) outboard (of the desk) castors.
Use the winch to adjust the platform to the desired platform height above the desk.
Climb up and onto the platform closing the chains behind you.
Carry out your work safely over the desk.
The Desksurfer answers the needs of facilities engineers & others needing access over desks & provides minimal disturbance to the typical apparatus on desks, such as computers & screens.

The Desksurfer requires no assembly or erection and is ready to operate and use, once the base unit is positioned beneath the desk.
The platform height is adjusted in a matter of seconds using the convenient braked winch device.
The Desksurfer beats all previous methods for over desk access like desk spanning scaffolds and has been measured to provide 800% efficiency over previous methods in a timed trial changing 80 lamps in a dealer hall.
The Desksurfer can also be used away from desks & is therefore extremely useful for all access & working at height requirements for the duties of facilities and maintenance engineers.
If you are in facilities/maintenance/engineering/cleaning etc.; then the Desksurfer answers the access needs, for Working at Height.



Hire Code: AV2017