Ecolift Ultima 4.2mtr (Working Height)

The Ecolift Ultima offers an additional safe system of work over and above the standard Ecolift
Product. The Eco Ultima has a tool tray fitted to the front of the machine allowing the operator to
have easy access to componentry whilst working at height. In order to reduce the added risk of
items falling whilst working at height In addition to the tool tray and as a combined system, the tool
tray has a tether strip fitted, allowing for the safe tethering of tools and equipment.
A MEWP Tag is fitted as standard in order for the machine operator to complete a required daily
compliance check routine, all incorporated into an included one off simple system.
In addition to the standard Ecolift, two side guards are fitted reducing the risk to the operator by
making sure that the working position is set at “platform base” only, not side rail or mid hand rail.

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Hire Code:020048
Ecolift Ultima