Vacuum Cleaner (wet & dry)

The WVD 900 is a commercial wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a 40 litre dry capacity and a 32 litre wet capacity. 900 vacuums are made from their Structofoam high impact plastic. The extremely durable plastic is perfect for commercial vacuum cleaners as it is almost indestructible and doesn’t dent like metal drums can. The WV 900’s 76 litres per second of airflow is produced by two 1200W bypass motors. The machine’s drum has been designed with two large wheels and the back to provide stability and two caster wheels at the front to maintain maneuverability. It also contains a handle at the back that provides an easy way of emptying the machine. As well as being powerful and maneuverable, the WVD 900 is practical. Its’ cable is not hard wired and can therefore be changed quickly and easily by anyone – no engineer required.

The WVD 900 is available in 110v. The single motor version of the machine is the WV 900.

Please bear in mind that the 110v version of this machine will have a 32amp plug.



Hire Code: 040050
Vacuum Cleaner (wet & dry)